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This is an open-source platform to facilitate the collaborative curation of neuroimaging literature, which is necessary when performing meta-analyses. All user actions are version-controlled using GitHub. I worked on Brainspell in collaboration with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, Pasteur Institute, and McGill University. (live demo)


Optio is a type system that allows users to check their code for differential privacy, statically and automatically. The project is built using Scala and Python. For this project, I implemented a privacy-preserving version of alternating least squares (along with a few other private machine learning algorithms), and the corresponding pipeline, which was type checked. I also worked with Intel SGX, and added a modification to Opaque to allow for arbitrary user-defined functions.

Foley Rounds

This checklist application (built for Dr. Samir Desai) is designed to reduce medical errors. The application consists of the iPhone app and the online control panel. Foley Rounds has been adopted for use by the Baylor College of Medicine, and it is funded by a grant from the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine.

Equations Pro

This educational app is designed to teach students how to balance chemical equations. The application is available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It has been adopted by middle school teachers in the SRVUSD for use by hundreds of eighth grade science students, and has been included in Google Play for Education. The full source code for the Android and iOS apps is available on GitHub.

Rocket Man

This arcade game was designed in 2009, attracting about 5000 total downloads. Users shoot meteors with a spaceship and earn points. Rocket Defender Man was developed for multiple platforms - iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. On iOS, there is a store where users can buy temporary invincibility and other power-ups.

Brainspell - an open-source tool to help produce meta-analyses for neuroimaging literature; GitHub repo.

BounceMe - a puzzle game for iPhones and Android devices that involves a ball capturing orange boxes.

Cache browser - a Chrome extension to browse Google's cache of webpages rather than viewing the originals.

Clockins demo - a proof of concept for an employee checkin system with GPS verification; promo video and open-source GitHub repo. The calendar component is available on GitHub as a jQuery plugin.

Equations Pro - a quiz game designed to help students learn how to balance chemical equations on iOS and Android; open source on GitHub.

Foley Rounds - a checklist application designed to reduce medical errors.

Graphing calculator - an open-source graphing calculator built in Javascript; blog post.

The Lettuce - a satirical newspaper, with an accompanying app for Android and iOS devices; blog post.

Optio - a type system for developers to check their code for differential privacy, statically and automatically.

Reddit front page generator - (potentially NSFW) generate a random Reddit front page with 50 of the top 1300 subreddits; available on GitHub and described in this blog post.

Rocket Defender Man - an arcade game where a rocket shoots meteors on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Speaking position and rank - this web app sorts through data from Joy of Tournaments to determine if there is a correlation between speaking position and rank in Speech & Debate.

Text tool - use this multi-purpose text tool to generate a Markov text chain, remove contractions, or convert plain HTML into jQuery DOM manipulation.

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